Friday, August 25, 2006

Shaq jealous of Marbury's shoe sales

In a seemingly random criticism on Stephon Marbury, podunk wannabe cop Shaquille O'Neal has recently rehashed comments made by Stephon Marbury over two years ago, claiming Marbury needs to "let his game do the talking," referring to Marbury affirmation that he is the best point guard in the NBA. In an outlandish statement, Shaquille O'Neal, who in 2004 refused an invitation to play for his country's bronze-winning USA basketball team because "Larry Brown is not Phil Jackson," said Marbury and the Knicks would have benefited from another year WITH Next Town Brown. Why, you might ask, would Shaq, who recently won his fourth title during his ongoing illustrious career, concern himself with struggling NY's starting point guard? Well, the ONLY thing I can think of is he is envious of the fact that Starbury's new shoes actually sell. Stephon Marbury recently released the Starbury One, a urban city-geared basketball shoe that sells for $15 and has been a daily national sellout since its release nearly two weeks ago. People are lining up for this shoe hours before their local Steve and Barry's opens up. On the contrary, Shaq's monstrosity of a shoe retails for $40 dollars and is the frequently the arse of jokes on basketball courts as far as the eye can see. Players won't wear the shoe for $40, let alone buy it for that much. The Starbury release coincides with O'Neal's recent anti-starbury banter, perhaps because no one would be caught dead wearing a pair of crap shoes sold at your local Kmart, as he might now realize.
Judge for yourself, the starburys are wearable whereas the shaqs are just plain hideous.
There are no plans to release a Shaq pseudo Micheal Corleone gangster shoe at this moment, nor are there plans for a Shaquille O'Neal Highway Patrol State Police shoe.

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