Monday, April 10, 2006

Karate broke up?

So I'm looking for shows to attend the weekend of the five boro bike tour and I come across a Geoff Farina show at knitting factory may 5th. In parentheses beside his name, it reads "ex karate"! Apparently Geoff developed an ear condition that was pretty serious, more here.
Sounds quite similar to what happened to the guitarist from Mission of Burma -it took thems decades to reunite once Roger Miller's ear was feeling better (they sounded really loud at siren a few years ago). Wear your earplugs kids! I assume the Geoff Farina show will be acoustic or at least low volume. I have a great recording of Karate when I saw them perform at Mercury Lounge back in 2002. Great band. Oddly enough, both Karate and Mission of Burma are from Boston...

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