Sunday, December 17, 2006

Knicks versus Nuggets: Carmelo Anthony shows his true colors

Carmelo Anthony, with all his millions of dollars, couldn't buy class tonight at Madison Square Garden.

Carmelo Anthony, you fight like a bitch. Let me clarify that, you coward, Carmelo Anthony. You don't call yourself a man, Carmelo Anthony, and then punch somebody in the face, who isn't looking, doesn't have their hands up ready to fight, and the run away as fast as you can. Let me clarify that Carmelo, you, are a pussy. But how can I expect you to act civilized, you are an animal, Carmelo Anthony, and if you ever set foot in NYC if I'm around, I'll happily punch you in the back of the head when you're not looking, your over-paid son of a bitch. You have lost any credibility you've ever had as being a professional or a New Yorker and I now consider you as honorable a player as Latrell Sprewell after his "feed my family" comment.

The foul by Mardy Collins was a hard one, and the garden crowd over reacted with an "ooohhh." They're thirsty for blood, they're thirsty for anything, the knicks never win so they want to see a fist fight. But if you are a professional basketball player, J.R. Smith, you take the hit and take your free-throws and move on. You could do that or you could show your true colors as a common thug who happens to get 90 million dollars from Nike, as Carmelo Anthony did tonight. It seems early criticisms of anthony after he entered the NBA unfortunately were right. And ESPN, probably at the behest of commish David Stern, is selling this sucker punch as a half-punch, half-slap! I'm not buying it! That was clearly a closed fisted punch, and should be viewed as such when its time to dish out punishment. Anthony's publicists have tried to change his ghetto image with $1.5 million donations to kids and what have you, but in the heat of the battle Carmelo, we've got evidence of your character deficiency.

Class is not what happened tonight. Tonight was for the animals, it was for the cowards. And I say I applaud Mardy for fouling J.R. hard because he shouldn't be doing reverse dunks while up 30 at the end of the game. He should be on the bench, so should Carmelo, and this is an indictment on the coach of Denver, that looser George Carl. You disrespect us in our home, George Karl, we foul you hard. However your players react after that is your fault, because you shouldn't be playing them anyway when your team is up by that much with so little time left in the game.

That bald cocksucker George Carl is Larry Brown's best friend. He probably left the starters in the game to humiliate the Knicks as revenge for NY's humiliation of Larry Brown this summer. Too bad he has lost his star Carmelo to suspension just to appease his mentor.

Kudos to Mardy Collins and Jared Jeffries, you are true Knick warriors and I will cheer for you next time at the garden.

No love for Nate, because although he was fighting for the knicks, this is not the first time, not even this season, that he has escalated a situation on the court. He is proving to be an instigator, because he always talks and doesn't back down like a pit bull about to tear you a new asshole. Nate, you are out of control.

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