Tuesday, January 31, 2006

new aquisitions

This weekend was fun, spent some time in nyc with Robin (then we came back to Jersey City for REAL indian food). I also saw the Knicks actually win a game for once versus the Magic. I learned that you should never show up at the 42street movie theater at showtime expecting there to be any seats even if you've purchased tickets for the movie 3 hours in advance.

The library it turns out is a nice resource for audio cds, I checked out 10 (that's the limit) and have so far heard about half of them:

Ornette Colman - The Shape of Jazz to Come - I now realize I don't have to listen to Masada or John Zorn! Just listen to THE ORIGINAL ;)
Ornette Colman - Free Jazz - A Collective Improvisation - Another brilliant album, more noisy in a good way. Makes me think of all the Sam Rivers concerts I attended during my Florida years. Haven't seen him play yet since I moved here.
Tortoise - TNT - Back in the late 90's there was no greater a band in my opinion (besides perhaps YLT). I jokingly predicted the disc would not be at all scratched -indicating lack of play- and I was actually right. These days its all formulated angular b/s (insert THE bands here). There is no difference between the 80's hair metal bands and the stuff recently being passed off as "indie rock." The first tortoise album is my fav but this one has some nice gems.
Belle and Sebastian - If You're Feeling Sinister - this was the closest thing the library had to a modern indie rock album. I remember when it first came out how hard matator records was pushing it. Not bad at all but I wouldn't (didn't- I remember listening to it in the store and passing) buy it.
*Clifford Brown and Max Roach* the best album I've heard in a long time! Brilliant, lovely, warm, fantastic. At times even asian? Can't beleive I'm just hearing it now, but since there was so much theft at the jazz radio station I used to work at, it probably makes sense that the schmo before me stole it before I could hear it.
the others I've yet to hear to review:
Don Byron - A fine Line
Don Byron - Plays the music of Mickey Katz
Alice in Chains - Live - One of my first concerts was Lollapaloozah 93: Primus, AIC, Tool, Rage Against the Machine, Front 242, Arrested Development, Dinosaur Jr., I got sunburnt from that summer show. Alice in Chains was the shit back in 93, grunge days.
Skavoovie and the Epitones - Ripe - I think i used to like this band back in my moon ska phase days... I still like ska.
Beastie Boys - Check Your Head - I lost my tape of this historic album. Now I can throw it on my ipod ;)

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