Monday, January 02, 2006

that's beautiful

It turns out David Lee will be starting the rest of the season for the Knicks! This is fantastic news to me, if you read my other posts this is exactly what I had hoped for. I truely belive Lee to be the most dynamic of the three rookies after seeing him blow by NBA players in the summer league of 2005 for reverse dunks and offensive rebounds.
Apparently Nate and Lee are going to major players in the shortened 8-9 man rotation. Quentin and Jerome James are out! Bah dah pap pah pah -I'm loving it.
It would be nice to see this lineup

PG Stephon
SG Nate (let's face it -the man can't pass; at this stage in his career he's a two)
C Eddy Curry (hope his work ethic changes)
SF David Lee (will be my next knicks jersey purchase if brown gives him 30 minutes a night)
PF Antonio Davis (but the real minutes will of course go to Channing)

PG/SG Jamal
C Jackie Butler
SF Trevor Ariza
PF Channing

That's nine, just what Brown usually plays on his other teams. Sorry Q, sorry Jerome and sorry Qyntel, you aren't meant to play in NY this new year.
We will win more games. We have no west coast trips remaining...

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