Thursday, December 29, 2005

still get amped up

hearing these lyrics on my ipod, nothing has changed since KRS one dropped this science on us in 1988. Is this song availible for hip hop karaoke nite downtown at Rothko? its probably the only way id get up there is if I could rap these songs that i memorized in 7th grade by rewinding the tape and playing it back again. Eric B and Rakim, Public Enemy, Slick Rick, Special Ed, EPMD and Bran Nubian (tribe came later on the way I remember it). KRS was more about teaching than the aforementioned but they each brought something to the table. Rakim or PE if I was angry or getting ready to play basketball. Seems like a completely different level than the dribbling pornography coming out these days (I'm not going to name names)

versue II (Boogie Down Productions - my philosophy)

I'll play the nine and you play the target
you all know my name so I guess I'll just start it
or should I say, "Start this," I am an artist
of new concepts at their hardest
cause, yo, I'm a teacher and Scott is a scholar
It ain't about money cause we all make dollars
That's why I walk with my head up
when I hear wack rhymes I get fed up
Rap is like a set-up, a lot of games
a lot of suckas with colorful names
I'm so-and-so, I'm this, I'm that
huh, but they all just wick-wick-wack
I'm not white or red or black
I'm brown.. from the Boogie Down
Productions, of course our music be thumpin'
others say their bad, but they're buggin
let me tell you somethin' now about hip hop
about D-Nice, Melodie, and Scott La Rock
I'll get a pen, a pencil, a marker
mainly what I write is for the average New Yorker
some mc's be talkin' and talkin'
tryin' to show how black people are walkin
but I don't walk this way to portray
or reinforce stereotypes of today
like all my brothas eat chicken and watermelon
talk broken english and drug sellin'
See I'm tellin, and teaching real facts
The way some act in rap is kind of wack
and it lacks creativity and intelligence
but they don't care cause the company is sellin' it
It's my philosophy, on the industry
Don't bother dissin me, or even wish that we'd
soften, dilute, or commercialize all our lyrics
Cause it's about time one of y'all hear it
And hear it first-hand from the intelligent brown man
A vegetarian, no goat or ham
or chicken or turkey or hamburger
'cause to me that's suicide self-murder
let us get back to what we call hip hop
and what it meant to DJ Scott La Rock...

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