Thursday, December 29, 2005

Another Knicks rant -is this season already a lost cause?

I'm not even sure what their record is anymore, but the knicks have lost more than 20 games this year and its still December! For years now my love for this team has enabled me to put up with scrub additions, misdrafts, and bad contracts for insane amounts of money. Tonight I saw Marbury mope around Orlando Arena like he was depressed and hopeless. Its almost like he's imprisoned by Larry Brown's system. Could it be Larry Brown wanted to seek out vengeance on Stephon for the lackluster bronze medal earned by team USA this past olympics by signing up to coach the Knicks? That's how it feels these days. Why do all New York fans blame Marbury, why not blame the jackass who put this team together in the first place, namely Isiah? I will be very upset if Marbury gets traded, but that seems to be where all this is leading. Brown wants him gone and is setting him up to fail in his hometown. If it were my team (and it obviously isn't with a record like that) I'd start Nate at the point with Marbury at two. Whatever passing deficiencies Nate brings to the table he makes up for with intangibles and hustle and also Stephon would be one of the highest assists-earning shooting guards in the league. At center, play that lazy bastard Curry that has missed more games than he's played this season. Paxon was right to sniff out his poor work ethic, it's all he's shown me so far. Dumb trade, no draft pick this year, and I liked Mike Sweetney! The threespot would be DAVID LEE for me, he's got more heart than any Knick I've not yet mentioned here and no one really has seen his talent at this point except those who watched the Knicks summer league games. He's far more mobile than he showed at University of Florida and during one of his first games in the league he was scrapping with Dirk Nowitzky and holding his own in my opinion. Sure he may have started tonight but did he see any real minutes? Let the man play! That leaves the power forward spot -I'd start Channing Frye at that position. Let the guy shoot from outside for Pete's sake, quit trying to post him up, he's obviously not comfortable doing it yet! The man was scoring 20+ points per game doing what came naturally to him (shooting outside jumpers) and then Brown steps in and tells him he needs to post up more. Why? The man one rookie of the month, why change anything at all? All Curry is good for is posting up, let him do it instead. With Richardson missing 90% of his shots this season Frye is the only Knick with outside range. He is currently in the NBA top 20 in both field goal percentage and free throw percentage. Eh, whatever, I need to start reading more and quit the knicks, it only brings heartache.

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