Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Return of the Strike

Real quick about this strike. There are times that this area just feels unified(the last time being the blackout a few years back)and though my sympathies are not with either side of the labor negotiations (they HAVE jobs), I do feel connected to the people of the city. I greatly desire to see NYC and surrounding areas take this negative strike as an opportunity to be positive and turn to alternative methods of transportation, namely bikes. Let this be a bicycle revolution! Atheletes, lazy people, bougeosios, everyone buy a bike and go to work! Shoplifters of the world, unite and take over! Wait, uh, got ahead of myself there... Yeah, so...

You can find a bike shop in nearly every area but here are a few off the top:

Sid's on 34th street
Metro cycle on 14th street
Metro cycle on 15th and 6th ave
Bike Works NYC Rivington (LES)
Trackstar NYC near second and first
Bicycle Habitat (just south of Houston near broadway)
Chelsea Bikes 26th street(See Raphael)
Bicycles on 17th street (See Carlos)
NYC Bikes (brooklyn)
Recycle a bicycle on Avenue C

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