Thursday, December 15, 2005

On the eve of the strike: Knicks/Bikes/shows are on my mind

So lets see what is new? The Knicks suck, they are now a dismal 6-15 with no end to their loosing ways in site. Artest wants to be a Knick, but that is just about the only way it could get worse, if an emotionally disturbed individual suited up on a regular basis. This is the city where Artest threw expensive TV equipment around the garden like it was a Spalding basketball. From what I hear Isaiah hates him anyway so I don't see it happening despite their current desperation. What I did hear is that Quentin might be traded for Jarred Jeffries and Chucky Atkins. I would be indifferent to that trade if it happened. They've got to find a way to get Jamal and Nate to play more consistently. Eddy Curry needs an adrenaline shot. For God's sake Take David Lee off the injured list and play him! He might be their best rookie and he hasn't played!
I actually saw this weird home made bike contraption on 25th street today, took a picture of it with Robin's camera, but don't have it yet to post here. It was this bright yellow monstrosity of tape and cardboard box wrapped around the handlebars and seat to keep the rider warm. It was a moutain bike of course (no fixed gear rider had such a lack of pride as to do this to their bike). It actually looked quite funny.
And for my third part of this rant -Yo La Tengo. Fucking every year they do the Hanukkah thing at Maxwells and every year I somehow don't have tix and it sells out this year I would have loved to see tortoise play with them! That would have been a wonderful night of music. The Lois show would have been good too and also The scene is now and the Sun Ra Arkestra. Well hopefully next year I can see all these artists individually to make up for this catastrophe. Damn can't miss any more of these shows while I live here! Well at least I DID get to see the number one show of 2005 according to
Arcade Fire / David Bowie at Summerstage!! I didn't pay for this show either just sat outside the fence and listened with a big smile on my face. That show plus Bloc Party in Boston BEFORE the album was released here in the states would probably be my top two, with number three being Broken Social Scene at Central Park. I did see quite a few shows this year. Perhaps in another blog I'll try to document them all.

From ohmyrockness...why was nothing written about the spoon show?

Best Shows of 2005 (Readers Picks):
We also asked you guys to send in your Best Of lists. The response was awesomely overwhelming, and we're happy to spread the word on your insanely good taste.

1) Arcade Fire @ Central Park Summerstage
"Arcade Fire's performance alone was memorable to say the least, they certainly are performers in every sense of the word. Adding to this was the incredible surprise appearance of the legend himself, David Bowie. A terrific night."

2) Sufjan Stevens @ Bowery Ballroom
"[Sufjan] did not merely play his songs, he put on a Broadway musical. Oh (my rockness), did I mention that everyone was too mesmerized/afraid to sing along during the acoustic numbers? The kind of silence you expect at Carnegie Hall was present (and, for that reason, amplified) at Bowery-fucking-Ballroom."

3) Clap Your Hands Say Yeah @ Various Venues
*We had to consolidate this one... after all, these guys were everywhere in '05.

4) The Decemberists @ Warsaw
"Colin is a captivating frontman who was able to lead the audience in a screaming session for 'The Mariner's Revenge Song' and then make them all roll around on the floor. Also, Petra Haden sang Kate Bush's 'Wuthering Heights', which was awesome as well."

5) My Morning Jacket @ Webster Hall

6) The New Pornographers @ Webster Hall
"The band had old members join them on stage; they took audience requests, and actually WANTED to sing lesser-known and obscure songs from their catalog; Neko Case sang a cover of 'Dreams' by Fleetwood Mac, perfectly channeling Stevie Nicks. The set was long, the sound was amazing, and fan or first-timer would have been equally impressed."

7) Sigur Ros @ Beacon Theatre
"Visuals and music would take turns taking over the show while everyone relaxed in their seats and watched, mesmerized, hypnotized. One of the most unique shows ever."

8) Spoon @ Webster Hall

9) The White Stripes @ Keyspan Park
"some highlights of the first show: they covered 'walking with a ghost' by tegan and sara, which is a new thing, and there was a pause where they stared at each other for 30 seconds with ear-splitting feedback and then burst into song spontaneously again. that made me cry."

10) Hot Snakes @ Bowery Ballroom
"Their last show ever it was an amazing swan song. They played almost everything the band ever wrote and a couple of Jehu songs as well. The 4 musicians were born to play together and my heart is saddened that we won't be able to see that again."

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