Monday, December 12, 2005

Starting... Now

Just for the record it has been my intention to create a blog for some time now, yet it wasn't until I read flea's NBA blog that I finally decided to scratch this itch. I know of a few people who would be interested to read what may be written here, but for the most part this is just a means for me to get shit out, and I've no other clear motive beyond that I suppose. As far as the great Red Hot Chili Pepper bass player's inspiration I should say that it was the purity and lack of editing of his blog that finally led me to do this, if you take a look at his blog you can see how it's all lower case and sometimes not even complete sentences, yet it does seem so lyrical at times and definitely thoughtful and open, three lofty goals I strive to attain here. My two greatest inspirations in terms of writing would probably be the works of Jack Kerouac and J Krishnamurti, they are both colossal heroes to me, and if I can at all emulate in either direction that would be an honor.
I had thought about calling this blog Theworldaccordingtoken, but wasn't sure how original John Irving fans would have found that. Originality doesn't come as cheap as it used to! Not that jerseycitykid is any more special or less generic, except that I do wish this to be an outlet for the kid in me, and of course I'd like to affirm my location and its direct proximity to NYC. This is an era when gentrification is stretching out west of Brooklyn, looping around Manhattan and into New Jersey. Just a few weeks ago it was none other than Bright Eyes, Feist and Magic Numbers that played 4 blocks from here! Let me clarify, a show of this magnitude was not performed at Maxwells NJ, but Jersey City NJ! Since I've been in Jersey City since April 2003 (I was actually born here in Jersey City but lived most of my life in Central Florida) I can call this indie rock happening an anomaly, though perhaps not for long.

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