Wednesday, December 14, 2005

leopard print seat on a fixie?

06 pista

old steamroller color

bareknuckle frame

milwaukee orange one

I didn't think I'd miss the chrome pista but have you seen the 06 pista yet? Perhaps it will grow on me. Pistas after all are still pretty sweet. It would be nice if we lived in a world where new Pistas are celeste and and new Steamrollers are still Battleship grey, in which case I'd be debating the purchase of one of those frames instead of my current debate for summer 07: Milwaukee's Orange One vs. EAI's Barenuckle frame. Perhaps only two of the four aforemention have true track geometry but considering how harsh the "relaxed" IRO can be at times I'm thinking road geomtry can't be too bad of a thing for me. So what if the occasional purist scoffs, they don't have to ride it. I may even put a break on it too ;) Riser bars are pretty hot right now on the streets of NYC. But risers have only one postion, albeit a more relaxed one.

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