Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Scottie Pippen now a writer?

Well after reading this one thing is for certain: whoever was Scottie Pippen's English teacher needs to be fired. Regardless of his obviously Chicago-biased perspective, if you get front tabs on the nba homepage you should at least be able to form grammatically sound sentences within your first two paragraphs. But hey, he's a champ, right? So we'll cut him some slack. Perhaps over time he'll evolve into another Peter Vescey, God knows we need more cynics walking the earth publishing NY doubt and negativity at will.

Here is some criticism of my own: without Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen was about as good as say, Larry Johnson during his tenure as a Knick. Sure he's one of the NBA's 50 greatest players. But lets look more closely at the chronolgy of his career. He may have put up decent numbers for a few seasons and of course that one all star game, but what did he accomplish without MJ? I'm trying to remember. Oh, that's right: Zilch. What did he do on that supposedly stacked Houston Rockets team in 1999? nada.

Everyone in the world is tearing the trade to pieces before the first game has been played. If you're a paid writer, do you try to ride the waves of commonality and hope you find approval in kicking a team when they're down or do you try to be original and find a new voice with a new angle?

Some things never change Scottie, and Knicks fans everywhere still don't like you even now that you're a writer.

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